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A Holistic View of Your Current Financial and Personal Information

Today’s economy requires individuals and families to be continuously active in the management of their affairs. The world of finance is constantly changing and so are their lives.

ICMG offers eMoney, a web-based system that helps you to be financially organized, identify more opportunities and monitor your wealth management plan. You can see the current status of all of your assets and important documents in one place. You always have a holistic view of your financial and personal situation.

Use your own protected, secure, personal webpage to:

  • track and monitor your financial plan
  • consolidate your financial  and personal information
    • wills, trusts, deeds, investment property, personal real estate, tax returns, birth certificates, photos, licenses, etc.
  • view and update your clearly presented financial information anytime

We can both review the data so I can help you make decisions. Your personal page is password protected and can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablet.

In the event of an illness or death, your loved ones will be able to determine where your investments and assets are and how you managed them. Click Client to learn more.