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Custom Planning & Strategies: Estates, Complicated Financial Positions, Asset Management, Trusts, Special Needs, Tax Consequences, Social Security, Student Loans, Retirement

At ICMG, we take pride in providing on-the-mark concierge service to all of our clients. Services are delivered expeditiously and with knowledge of your background and goals.  As an ICMG client dealing with everyday life situations as well as more complicated financial positions, you can count on this:  We have your back!

We understand the challenges individuals and families face today. Once we know and understand your needs, wants, and short and long-term goals, we work with you to develop, implement, and monitor a strategy designed to address your individual situation.

From managing debt, making a substantial purchase or saving for college or retirement, to planning for a special needs family member or running a small business, personal financial challenges can be overwhelming. We utilize our experience, in-depth knowledge and multi-faceted resources to help you obtain and maximize your goals.

Are you part of a family or group of individuals seeking extensive, in-depth expertise to establish, preserve or distribute a trust using smart tax planning and alternative reinvestment strategies?  We work closely and transparently with you and your designated team of professionals. We use nothing less than creditable tax planning and asset management strategies to help you manage, preserve and continue to build your wealth.

Our approach to helping you accumulate and preserve wealth is honest, smart and comprehensive.  You can count on that!

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