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Asset and Risk Management, Contract Reviews, Wealth Transfer, Tax Strategies, Estate Planning, Education Funding, Charitable Giving

What you can count on.

Comprehensive, transparent financial consultation.  Strategies designed to help you make financial choices that result in wealth accumulation and preservation.

Personalized, ongoing guidance that takes your compensation, assets, and benefits into consideration.

  • Review and recommendations for both pre-signing and in-place benefit contracts

Encryption program that protects all of your ICMG on-site data.

Services, revisited as needed, include:

  • Establishing retirement income needs and objectives
  • Planning for appropriate amounts of risk and protection coverage
  • Developing wealth accumulation and tax sensitive diversification strategies
  • Assistance with stock option planning and exercise strategies
  • Formulating wealth transfer, charitable giving, educational funding and estate planning strategies
  • Collaboration with your legal and tax advisor
  • Providing a digital wealth management portal with personal access 24/7

Planning Support Services

Goal Based Planning | Cash Flow Planning| Tax Planning | Investment Planning

Education Planning | Estate Planning | Retirement Planning

Advanced Planning:

Asset Aggregation | Charitable Giving | Stock Option Planning | Relocation Planning